Saturday, October 26, 2002

Nebraskans: Technological Santa Clauses For Schools

Nebraska ranks 6th in the country in the number of students per Internet-connected computer, and 5th in the ratio of students per instructional computer.

We have only 5.1 students per Internet-connected computer and a mere 3.7 students per instructional computer. That has cost a whopping amount of money.

Technology, which is both capital- and staff-intensive in schools, is a key reason why K-12 education has exploded nationwide in spending from $250 billion to more than $310 billion in the past decade, in constant 1999 dollars, while enrollments really haven't increased very much.

These factoids are from Governing Magazine's 2002 statistical supplement, Source Book.

So if you vote "no" to the OPS tax increase, or any other increased spending in public schools, don't feel like Scrooge. The facts show Nebraska taxpayers have been a downright Santa Claus of generosity to schools. It's time to recognize that there's no room left under the tree. Enough is enough.

Ho, ho, ho!
Let's vote "no." :>)

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