Thursday, October 10, 2002

OPS Override: Spend $7,500 to Save a Kazillion?

News that an Iowa consultant, Paul Dorr, has helped 10 out of 11 communities defeat school spending increases at the polls has fielded interest by Omahans who would like to defeat the multimillion dollar tax-lid override proposal placed by the Omaha Public Schools on the Nov. 5 ballot.

See the story posted below to learn more about Mr. Dorr's fresh, fun, common-sense ideas.

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, http://www.netaxpayers.org, has said it would like to hire Paul Dorr and run a modest but effective newspaper and radio ad campaign. Cost: $7,500.

So far, several donations of $250 and $100 have been offered, but many more are needed for a successful outcome.

Want to join the Defense Team? Contact Doug Kagan, ncf@phonet.com

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