Monday, October 28, 2002


A Go Big Ed patron talked me in to going on the Steve Brown radio talk show on 1290AM KKAR this morning. I spoke about the $15,419.82 per pupil that OPS is spending this year and shared some other data.

It sure looks as though OPS has gotten generous tax support, but may not be spending our money in the most effective ways, especially for inner-city kids. I called for people to not feel guilty about voting "NO" on the OPS tax increase Nov. 5.

Thank you, Steve Brown, for being gracious with your time and helping to get the word out on what the facts really show about OPS.

And thank you, Go Big Ed patron, for alerting me to the opportunity. If anybody else knows of a way I can share this information with the public up through Nov. 5, please email me at swilliams1@cox.net

Go Big Ed!

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