Monday, November 04, 2002


This ad is running Monday and Tuesday on KFAB, KKAR and KCRO. Thank you very much to all those who donated money to put these ads on the air. Here’s hoping they will be effective.

What’s at stake Tuesday is an extra $115 million for OPS over the next five years, which figures out to an additional $2,500 per pupil, in the face of solid evidence that OPS could manage its money better and change to more cost-effective business and instructional methods.

What's also at stake, though, is a test of who’s in charge of the state’s largest school district. Is it the educrats who always want more, more, more? Or the parents and grandparents who have given OPS billions of dollars over the years, and deserve respect and results?

Here’s hoping this short but sweet radio ad will assure people that they won’t be hurting kids if they vote “AGAINST” the OPS tax increase. In fact, they may be helping them, by reminding OPS and other school districts across the state that it’s our money, not theirs, and by the way, we’re in charge.

The ad features two teenage girls:

The OLDER generations want us to have the BEST education money can buy.

They REALLY do.

And our teachers . . . they work HARD for us.

Sure do.

But I’m TIRED of being . . . well . . . USED . . . by the people who just want more MONEY for OPS.

No kidding.

They don't fool US. When they want to raise their budget, they say:

(falsetto) "It’s FOR the KIDS!"

Sure, it is. NOT! It’s for THEMSELVES.

Instead of doing a BETTER job managing all the money they already HAVE, they just want MORE, MORE, MORE!

They’re so . . . IMMATURE!

They’re acting like . . . TEENAGERS!

(laughing) Yeah! I hope people vote AGAINST that OPS tax increase. THAT would tell those big-spending bigshots:



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