Monday, November 04, 2002


Education advocates in the east-central Nebraska counties of Fillmore, rural Lancaster, Saline and Seward have researched the candidates for Educational Service Unit #6 and endorse these four as being the most pro-education, pro-fiscal accountability candidates:

Darrel Eberspacher

Joan Clark

Barb Fehringer

Alan Jacobsen

ESU #6 directors are not paid, but those in office now spent $60,288 in taxpayer dollars on travel and expenses from July 1, 2000 to April 30, 2001, according to the Nebraska State Auditor (see the full report at www.auditors.state.ne.us).

While those elected to 13 of Nebraska's ESU's spent more than the ESU #6 bunch on travel and so forth, four spent less. And that $60,288 might have been better spent on the children in that drought-wracked, taxed-out sector of the state, than on the people elected to the ESU office.

For more of a focus on the needs of students, and for fiscal conservatism, vote for those four folks listed above . . . and positive change for kids.

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