Saturday, January 24, 2004


Fremont Middle School is having a cross-dressing day as part of its “Spirit Week” next week. On Wednesday, the young adolescents are all supposed to come to school dressed as the opposite sex, kind of like the seamiest streets of New York and Los Angeles.

Right. And the superintendent will dress up that day as a pimp, and the school board will all be pedophiles . . . hate to think how they’re making the lunch ladies dress.

It’s especially disturbing since a young cross-dresser near Norfolk was murdered not too long ago.

Hate to pick on Fremont, since this sort of thing is going on in schools all over the place. A lot of the other things on their website look good: http://www.fpsweb.org

But as the culture defines deviancy down, educators sometimes get mixed up about the importance of teaching children what is deviant, what is normal, and what is excellent in the realm of human conduct. They also may be forgetting that taxpayers expect them to educate our children, not necessarily keep them entertained and amused 24 / 7.

Schools all over are making “Pajama Day,” “Hat Day” and now “Celebrating Sexual Deviancy Day” yet another distraction to learning. And yet they come to us time after time clamoring for more and more money . . . so they can waste more and more of our children’s time with stuff like this?

Here’s what I think the Fremont schools should do for “Spirit Week” next week. No dressing up. Just:

Monday: English Day
Tuesday: Math Day
Wednesday: Science Day
Thursday: History Day
Friday: Art and Music Day

Now, THAT’S the spirit of education we want to see.

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