Thursday, February 12, 2004


Let's say you hit a golf ball 30 miles and it lands without a bounce in the cup on the 18th green of a golf course that far away. That's what human conception and fertilization are: miraculous. And yet it has happened, just that way, billions of times . . . and we've got the people to prove it. You're not an accident – you're a miracle!

That's why I get so TEED OFF at people who still say Charles Darwin was right in 1859 when he wrote '''The Origin of Species,'' and that random chance and natural selection have caused the universe and all life within it.

That's how the official science standards of the Nebraska Department of Education read – extremely pro-evolution. Because they are that way, the green light is on for teachers who either don't know or don't care that the theory of evolution is a crock to go ahead and teach it as gospel. They're using textbooks that teach it that way, too, censoring out the mountain of rebuttal evidence, denying Nebraska schoolkids an honest portrayal of this issue.

The only thing the rest of us can do is to try to get around those standards and continue to teach teachers and students alike that evolution is a crock.

Today is Darwin Day, marking the birthday of the naturalist who spawned the theory of evolution, even though he really only knew a lot about barnacles, and male ones at that.

Darwin didn't know much of anything about the human body, and he certainly didn't have the benefit of everything we've found out in science since the 1850s, including cellular functions, hematology, biochemistry, endocrinology, cardiology, immunology and electron microscopy – all of which make the theory of evolution look realllllllly stoooopid.

Yes, I'm reading another book: '''What Darwin Didn't Know: A Doctor Dissects the Theory of Evolution.''' It's by Geoffrey Simmons, M.D., a physician since 1969 who has studied the human body and evolutionary theory his whole life. It's a wonderful read about the human body, from the cell to all the complex systems, neurological through excretory.

It'd be a great gift (www.amazon.com) to give to a high-school or college student, teacher or anyone who is doubting their faith.

Another book along these lines with exposes on the misinformation in textbooks that Nebraska kids, among others, are using is ''Doubts about Darwin: A History of Intelligent Design'' by Thomas Woodward.

And here's some good news to share on Darwin Day: there's a new group formed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by students who know evolution is false. They are the Intelligent Design Theorists of Nebraska, www.geocities.com/intelligentdesignunl/idtn.html and their faculty advisor is astronomy professor Martin Gaskell.

Tomorrow we'll hear from an endearing UNL student named Ben Kissling who's from Lincoln. He started realizing that evolution couldn't be true when he learned about an amazing bug. Now he's a biochemistry major on fire for learning more about intelligent design, what's what, where's where, and why.

Tune in tomorrow!

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