Saturday, February 07, 2004


The bad news is, Rachel Bone of LaVista has told Go Big Ed that she will probably not run again for the State Board of Education. She said all the volunteer time and effort is worth it if you can make things better for just one child, and Mrs. Bone makes no bones about it – she is one of the few on that board who really does put children first. So it is a blow to lose her.

The good news is, though, there is a chance that child-focused, taxpayer-serving, academics-oriented leaders can take control of that crucial statewide board because five of the eight seats are up for grabs:

1) As reported, Hastings attorney Steve Scherr is resigning, leaving an opening to serve District 5, approximately the southeast one-fifth of Nebraska.

2) Also as reported, north Omahan Ann Mactier, 81, has said she will run again in District 2, and she is an absolute heroine when it comes to back-to-the-basics in reading.

3) Mrs. Bone represented District 4, part of the Omaha metropolitan area and surrounding region.

Two other incumbents whose seats will be up for grabs:

4) Beverly J. Peterson of Oakland, District 3, the northeastern one-fifth of the state.

5) Kimberly J. Peterson of Lincoln, District 1, the Lincoln area.

Both of them would be very vulnerable to a candidate with a desire to represent students, parents and taxpayers, not just the education establishment. If five back-to-the-basics candidates could be elected, there would be a clear majority on that board, and good things would start to happen.

To review district boundaries, backgrounds of incumbents, agendas, duties and other considerations:


Spread the word quickly, though, because the filing deadline is coming up.

Former State Ed Board member Kathy Wilmot of Beaver City has offered to help prospective candidates any way she can: email kwilmot@atcjet.net or phone (308) 268-6235.

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