Wednesday, October 06, 2004


An unbelievable story emerged Sunday from WABC-TV in New York. A middle-school teacher in Monmouth Junction, N.J., says she was fired for hanging a picture of President Bush on her classroom wall. The Bush picture was alongside pictures of other presidents, the American flag and the Declaration of Independence.

Shiba Pillai-Diaz was quoted as saying that three parents confronted her at Back-to-School night and demanded that she add a picture of presidential candidate John Kerry, or take the Bush picture down. She said she took the entire display down, but was told by her boss that she had disrupted the whole school with her ‘’inflammatory politics.’’ She said she was asked for her keys, and told to leave the building.

You can see it for yourself on www.abclocal.go.com

So what’s the Nebraska connection? Just a little preventive move.

If this happens here, I would hope that taxpayers would then cut off ALL images of U.S. presidents that would have any contact whatsoever with public schools and school officials. That includes MONEY . . . since there are U.S. presidents on our money.

If you’re going to censor, no more cash. Fair enough?

While we’re at it, we should demand that images, logos, symbols, pictures or other representations that are anti-American or which are explicitly contrary to any particular religion should be immediately stripped from classrooms and all taxpayer-provided office space, hallways and windows, immediately.

That includes all Halloween decorations, any yin-yang or other New Age symbols, stuff about yoga, stuff about homosexuality, stuff about the war in Iraq, stuff about Middle East strife over Israel, any U.N. symbols, and of course, any materials, brochures, certificates or plaques from the National Education Association, which is a two-fer – anti-American and anti-Christian.

But I’m not a censor. If THEY don’t try to make us take down legitimate symbols, like a picture of our current President, then WE won’t make THEM take down their illegitimate ones, even though they probably should.

Fair enough?

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