Wednesday, November 03, 2004


One if by land, two if by sea, and, if you want fiscal responsibility, you signal it with a resounding election victory for people who promise to keep a lighthouse beaming on educational spending.

Last month’s dashing Paul Revere-like move by Nebraskan Alan Jacobsen paid off (‘’The Midnight Ride of Angie Eberspacher,’’ Oct. 28 Go Big Ed). His goal was to alert southeast Nebraska voters to spending patterns of his fellow educational board incumbent. Jacobsen’s widely-circulated info ad explaining the situation contributed to a smashing 58.4 percent victory for the challenger.

Angie Eberspacher, who has pledged to be financially conservative, was elected to the Seward County seat on the board of southeast Nebraska’s Educational Service Unit #6. She will replace board chairman Clark Kolterman, joining Jacobsen on that board and forming a majority now who claim to be fiscal conservatives. She will represent Milford, Centennial and Seward School Districts. It will be interesting to watch that board over the coming years. Hopefully, it’ll be a shot heard ‘round the state!

Angie Clark
County Eberspacher Kolterman

Seward 3,747 2,938
York 504 143
Butler 121 42
Polk 10 6
Lancaster 6 0

Totals 4,388 3,126
58.4% 41.6%


Monday’s Go Big Ed report on improper electioneering in the classroom by public-school teachers brought an outcry, and a request to be informed of other instances. If you know of any educators who overstepped the boundaries of free speech and wandered into political propagandizing, please let me know for a future story.

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