Thursday, December 09, 2004


Bellevue University brought in Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo for a speech the other day, and I guess it was terrific. His statements about what’s gone wrong with education were perceived to be right on, and astoundingly frank, for a politician.

Rep. Tancredo (www.house.gov/tancredo) bluntly says that the history textbooks in the U.S. are teaching ‘’venomous lies’’ that show a hatred for America and western civilization. He quotes example after example, including the same things I’ve reported about the gender-equity baloney that’s included in the textbooks about World War II while major, sweeping events like the Death March on Bataan and the murders of 65 million Chinese by Mao right after the war are totally left out.

He quoted a textbook’s definition of ‘’jihad’’ as this: ‘’to do one’s best to resist temptation and overcome evil,’’ pointing out the absurdity of kids thinking that’s what it is when someone in Israel blows himself up and everyone around, or rams the Twin Towers with a plane.

He’s an old civics teacher, and he’s up front with his fear that the next generation of kids are not going to love their country or appreciate what it’s done and where it’s been because they simply haven’t been taught those things.

In one chilling example, he said he asked an auditorium full of high-school students if America is the best country in the world, and only a couple of dozen raised their hands.

Now, I like all five of our Congressional delegation members, but dadgummit, you NEVER hear them talk with fire in their bellies about education and what we need to do to take out the trash that’s crept within them and make our schools the best they can be.

Haven’t they figured out that there are more voters outside of the teachers’ unions, than within?

Here’s hoping they’ll read Tancredo’s education speech posted here, and start talkin’ straight the way he does:


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