Friday, January 28, 2005


The most peculiar proposed law of all down in Lincoln this session is LB 239. It would allow an illegal alien the same educational privileges, college admission consideration, scholarship eligibility and so forth, as a Nebraska citizen.

As GOPUSA.com columnist Doug Patton pointed out, that’d be more rights than American citizens from the other 49 states would get from Nebraska colleges. A kid from Iowa who’s a sixth-generation American, let’s say, whose great-grandfathers and grandfathers fought for us in World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam, and paid taxes and provided other people with jobs and obeyed laws for decades . . . that kid would have to pay out-of-state tuition.

But an illegal alien kid whose parents are immigration felons and who’s been here 180 days gets to ride into UNL or a state college on a satin pillow, receive huge taxpayer subsidies for a postsecondary education, and probably beat all kinds of other longtime American citizens out for financial aid, too

And that’s after the same kid has unfairly enjoyed who knows how many years of K-12 education at additional huge Nebraska taxpayer expense, because the schools aren’t supposed to even ask ‘em if they’re here legally.


This is brought to you by State Sen. DiAnne Schimek of Lincoln, wife of state teachers’ union lobbyist Herb Schimek. ‘Nuff said on that combo, eh?

How they figure illegal aliens are a potent political power base worth thumbing their noses at the children of taxpaying citizens is beyond me. Meanwhile, tens of millions of dollars are being siphoned out of the Nebraska economy and sent to Mexico by these illegal immigrants, instead of turning over and over in Nebraska businesses and tax coffers as they should.

And meanwhile, untold amounts of Social Security fraud, identity theft, money laundering, drug trafficking and who knows what other crimes are being perpetrated by these folks . . . and what do our state senators do? Pander to them, roll out the red carpet for them, sell us out to them. . . .

I know, the rhetoric’s vivid. But we’ve just learned this week that Nebraska kids are 49th in the country on the important measure of high-octane brains, the Advanced Placement tests.

The achievement gap between disadvantaged kids and affluent ones continues to widen, not narrow, despite more and more money being poured into our public schools.

And the Legislature, the State Ed Department and the State Board of Ed continue to do all the boneheaded things that we KNOW don’t help and actually make things worse. To wit: the other ed bills proposed this legislative session, such as free pre-kindergarten programs in public schools, full-day kindergarten, and forced compliance to incredible paperwork loads and ridiculously dumbed-down government specs mislabeled as “learning standards.”

All this, and the red-carpet treatment for illegal aliens at our expense, too.

Are you beginning to see why more and more Nebraska parents are putting their kids in private schools and homeschools?

Is it time for a mass outcry of “Hasta la vista, Baybeeee”?

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