Friday, February 18, 2005


There’s an article coming out in the scientific journal Human Genetics that exposes as a lie the claim that homosexuals are “born that way” because of a “gay gene.”

Gay activists often make that claim to get uninformed legislators and the public on board for anti-bullying laws and programs, especially in public schools. They claim homosexuality is genetic, like a birth defect, and that’s why it’s “bullying” if you tell them that homosexual behavior is a bad lifestyle choice.

Yeah, well, once again, they’re wrongorrhea. Read about it on

Tthere’s no gay gene. Homosexuality appears to be linked to certain heritable traits – the same as alcoholism, obsessive-compulsive disease and obesity. But looky, looky, looky: people come out of alcoholism and those other harmful behavior patterns alllll the time. They aren’t hopelessly locked in. It’s the same way with reversing homosexuality, although the gay Nazis don’t want people to know.

It’s my guess that the 10 students from Fremont (Neb.) High School and their Gay-Straight Alliance sponsor/teacher who got to skip school and visit the Unicam this past Monday used the pity card, that legislators ought to pass yet another hate-speech law “protecting” homosexual teens because they “couldn’t help it, they were born that way.”

But the push for more “bullying” legislation isn’t really to protect kids from bullying. Most schools already have codes of conduct which amply protect students. They state that intimidation, threats, gross disrespect, vulgar language and harassment are all prohibited and will get you suspended and so forth. Here’s the one from Fremont:

So what else could be behind all this talk about “bullying”? I think I know. Gay rights clubs were allowed in school under the Equal Access Act. But there’s one thing that’s NOT getting “equal access” in schools today, and that’s the truth about homosexuality – including the fact that there’s no gay gene, and that people are getting mental-health treatment and leaving homosexuality behind for good, every darn day of the year, all over this country.

I think the gay Nazis are afraid that kids are going to find those things out, and poof! There will go their recruiting and training prospects. So they’re hurrying to get “bullying” programs in place now, with their one-sided, pro-gay propaganda that censors the anti-gay side, including the medical evidence.

I hope the Legislature and the Fremont Board of Education pays attention to the fact that a judge in Philadelphia Thursday dropped all charges against four people who lawfully protested and held up signs with Biblical messages at an outdoor homosexual rally on public property this past Oct. 10. Because of unbelievable Political Correctness, they had been arrested, hauled to jail where they spent the night, and charged with crimes that could have landed them in the clink for the next 47 years.

Here’s how that could play out in a school like Fremont High: under the “anti-bullying” legislation these gay activists want, if a student wore a T-shirt to school with a Bible message about homosexuality or a website where kids can learn more about resisting homosexuality, such as
www.exodusglobalalliance.org – certainly a lawful, nondisruptive, free-speech maneuver -- that would constitute “bullying” and that kid would get into trouble.

Just as bad, what comes with the “anti-bullying” agenda is a smarmy smorgasbord of “diversity training” assemblies, videos, presentations, handouts, booklets, encounter-group sessions, surveys, posters, skits . . . all taking time away from academics and all repeating lies like “they’re born that way” and “10 percent of the population is gay” (as if – it’s more like 1% of the females and 3% of the males, and even then, there’s no irresistible biological compulsion to act upon homosexual urges because of those “outdated concepts” known as self-restraint and celibacy).

Anyway, I hope the Legislature and the Fremont school board also read about the lawsuit filed the other day by the Alliance Defense Fund (
www.adf.org) on behalf of students and parents in Ashland, Ky., who were forced to attend mandatory diversity training. The training included false claims by school employees and others that even if you believe homosexuality is wrong, you cannot say so to another student in school. Moreover, parents were banned from opting their children out of this diversity training, even though it violated their firmly-held religious beliefs about homosexuality and censored the fact that it can be overcome.

The lawsuit contends that the pro-gay gag order violates the free-speech and religious liberties rights of those students and parents, as well as the constitutional due-process rights of the parents.

Violating the First Amendment? Now, THAT’S bullying. I bet the parents and students will win in court, too.

So I hope Fremont and other high schools in Nebraska will watch this case, keep things fair, stay the heck out of court, and insist that their Gay-Straight Alliance clubs not only allow, but solicit, anti-gay content, including medical facts that contradict the party line, for their club’s activities, presentations, guest speakers, background reading and so forth.

Kids need to know those facts. They need both sides. They need balanced input.

On the other hand, maybe we should all hope the Gay-Straight Alliances DON’T tell kids the truth and keep spreading these lies. Then we can kick them off campus . . . for violating the school code of conduct requiring HONESTY.

Works for me!

So let’s be watching. Let’s be caring, for kids. We can’t help it . . . we were born that way!

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