Thursday, February 24, 2005


It’s not every day that a longtime teacher lobbies the State Legislature on an individual basis. Usually, they leave that to their unions.

But Go Big Ed has received a copy of a Millard teacher’s plea to Nebraska legislators to ban the toxic chemical mercury from childhood vaccinations. Her reason: there’s a strong possibility that it causes or contributes to serious learning disabilities, including autism and ADHD.

Reflect on how she describes kids today, and see if the hair on the back of your neck doesn’t rise up.

The teacher, Jean Howard, writes:

“This message is to urge you to proceed with the legislation LB 569 which will prevent mercury and mercury type preservatives in vaccinations.

“I have been a schoolteacher for thirty-seven years. I cannot begin to tell you all the changes in children which I have observed in the last 15 to 20 years.

“This seems to be especially true with males. Estrogen provides some protection from the mercury-based preservatives and that may explain why more boys are affected; however girls are not immune to the effects.

“I have used many programs and methods and have successfully taught children to read. It is becoming increasingly difficult to do, as there are more and more children who have a wide gap between their ability and their performance. They are becoming more easily distracted, have shorter attention spans, and are more hyperactive with each passing year.

“I have researched this issue and mercury poisoning is a consistent factor in the research. This is increasing our special education numbers, creating frustrated students and parents, and increasing our numbers of functionally illiterate.

“Since vaccines are available without the mercury-based preservatives, moving LB 569 out of committee appears to be a no-brainer with nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.

“I therefore STRONGLY URGE you to move this bill out of committee to the Unicameral.

“I thank you for your interest in our children; please do your part to protect them.”

Three cheers for Sen. David Landis, sponsor of that bill, and I second Ms. Howard’s motion.

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