Tuesday, May 24, 2005


(This week, Go Big Ed is looking at K-12 education developments in other states.)

Here’s an example of what’s good about the Internet: a group of Iowa taxpayers would have a hard time affording the publication of the information they would like to distribute about school performance and efficiency on paper, all across the state.

But with this website, they can inform the public about education issues and rattle some cages at a fraction of the cost.

I’ve heard that people in Des Moines are really paying attention, because the information they’re gathering is very instructive as to what needs changing in their K-12 schools and associated governmental services.

You could spend all day on this site. Come see:


How come nobody in Nebraska has developed a site like this? You’ve got me. Do you think it would help? I think it really would.

If my fairy godmother appeared right now, after an instant 20-pound weight loss, I’d ask for funding for a quality website like this, and I’d do it, in a heartbeat.

Since she’s likely to be otherwise detained, why don’t YOU send me ideas for stories or statistics you’d like me to report, and I’ll try to keep up with this group.

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