Monday, March 13, 2006

NEW! Be sure to read the evidence against all-day kindergarten in the newest posting on "Public Policy Briefs," on the lower left-hand column of www.GoBigEd.com

Urge your state senator to oppose LB 228, which would institutionalize all-day k across Nebraska. It would be a mistake, since ample evidence shows that this costly "reform" would do little or nothing to help disadvantaged children. It basically is "free" day care, not educationally helpful. And it might actually be a disservice to middle-class children, especially boys, who are not developmentally ready for the chaos and pressures of all day in school.

Declining test scores, more aggression and bad behavior can all be traced, in part, to the increase in time young children spend away from home. Let's not contribute to those negative trends.

Let's find better tax policies and better ways to keep families shaping young lives, and allowing schools to concentrate on the quality academics that we all want them to deliver.

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