Friday, May 05, 2006


Nebraska is extremely fortunate to have some wonderful candidates for education-related public offices available for your support in Tuesday’s voting.

Go Big Ed enthusiastically endorses these people in selected races:

Governor: Tom Osborne

State Legislature:
District 6: John Nelson
District 10: Mike Friend
District 20: Carol Casey
District 44: Kathy Wilmot

University of Nebraska Regent:
District 8: Randy Ferlic

State Board of Education:
District 5: Alan Jacobsen
District 6: Marilyn Carpenter
District 7: Paula Pfister
District 8: Dick Galusha

School Board:
North Platte: Judy Hansen

Hats off to this faithful voter’s guide, which has published candidate information for most of the state and local races on the ballot Tuesday. Spend some time there this weekend. Send some money, if you can, to help offset the expenses for this crucial public service. It can really help you do your duty as a good citizen, and bone up on who’s who and what’s what:



GO BIG ED becomes a weekly feature, starting next Tuesday. Changes are ahead for the website that I think you’ll really like. A couple of other exciting initiatives are in the works, too. Let’s work together to bring the best ideas for both kids and taxpayers to the forefront of the discussion, so that education in Nebraska can truly be #1 in the country. Go Big Ed!

I am interested in your reasons for supporting Tom Osborne in the race for Governor based on being a "Great Candidate Who'll Do Great Things For Education". FYI: Candidates responses to two key education issues asked by the Omaha World Herald: 1. Rural Schools: How will you vote on the fall referendum that repeals the legislative demise of elementary-only schools? Heinemen: YES; Osborne: UNDECIDED, Nabity: YES
2. Learning Community: Do you support the learning community concept in Sarpy and Douglas Counties? Heineman: NO, Osborne, YES, Nabity: NO.

I have been following your articles regularly. Osborne's answers (and his lack of taking a stand on any issue) appear to me to not support your views. I am therefore curious as to why you are supporting Osborne for Governor rather than Heineman or Nabity.
Rhonda David
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