Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It just makes you wonder why any of Nebraska’s 20,000 or so teachers still belong to the National Education Association. Comes now a report that the national teachers’ union plans to endorse homosexual “marriage” at its annual convention in Orlando June 29 to July 6.

Reportedly, the NEA proposal doesn’t just say teachers should “tolerate” content about same-sex marriage, but that they should support and actively promote homosexual “marriage” as well as group “marriage” in the classroom.

The proposal is listed under B-8 “Diversity” and is expected to pass overwhelmingly.

Here it comes: Nebraska kindergarten classrooms will be like the one in Lexington, Mass., in which parents were never consulted before kids were exposed to pro-homosexual storybooks, much less allowed to opt them out. But when a dad came to school to talk about it, even though he stayed courteous, he wound up arrested and hauled off to jail.

The latest is that, on the anniversary of another horrible same-sex “marriage” development there, his little boy was hauled off by some other kids at school, and beaten up. You can read more about what’s coming soon to a Nebraska school near you, courtesy of the NEA, on the website set up in Massachusetts to try to battle back the homosexual activists from schools there:


You can read more about the issues that are coming up at the NEA convention on the union’s website,

It makes for entertaining reading, though it also makes you wonder how our good, normal, sensible Nebraska teachers can stand for this malarkey:

-- The NEA says No Child Left Behind is “seriously flawed and underfunded” and is putting thousands of teachers’ careers in jeopardy. Never mind the extra billions upon billions that the Bush Administration has plowed into public schools. Never mind that there are more people employed by our nation’s public schools than ever before in our history, and that goes not only for raw numbers, but also in employees per pupil.

-- Charter schools, vouchers and privatization are baaaaaaad, according to the NEA, even though they do a better job with kids and cost taxpayers less money. They’re baaaaaaad because they don’t buy in to NEA malarkey, that’s all.

-- Teachers need more pay. This one may be so. But the NEA completely bashes down any spark of innovation, any hint that pay might need to be linked to performance. The NEA demands more pay, not for GOOD teachers, but ALL teachers. Not teachers whose students do better on objective tests than the year before, but ALL teachers. Not teachers capable of teaching physics and trig, but ALL teachers. Not teachers willing to drive into the inner city and face really challenging classrooms, but ALL teachers.

-- The minimum teacher’s salary around the nation should be $40,000. Riiiiight. Pop ‘em right out of teachers’ college with maybe a “C” average on nonsense courses, and then set ‘em down in Podunk town in a district with 500 students, making 40G’s right off the bat, which is more than the mayor and police chief make, combined.

-- National board certification is gooooooooood, even though research shows teachers who do NOT have this designation actually do a better job. The NEA doesn’t care; the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) designation is gooooooood because it’s another way to get more money to teachers regardless of the quality of the job they do.

One thing on the NEA platform I didn’t notice: now that they’re going to demand curriculum that “celebrates” group “marriage,” how do they expect us to pay for the fringe benefits of alllllllllllll those marriage “partners” that some teachers are likely to have?

I mean . . . to get the juicy public-school bennies, a teacher may marry 14 guys, 27 gals, a paper airplane and a chair leg . . . and then they’re ALL on our nickels for health care as that teacher’s dependents.

Which will make even LESS money available for actual learning. Oh, yeah, learning: that’s the one thing missing from the NEA platform!

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