Thursday, June 29, 2006


Re: my June 20 item about a vote the National Education Association is getting ready to take at its annual convention that would encourage, nay celebrate, teaching at all grade levels, K-12, that same-sex marriage is A-OK and just as legitimate as the traditional Mr. and Mrs. style. There could be a snowball effect against such propaganda, thanks to a development in California, that could spell doom for the NEA position. And that would be a good thing.

Reports have it that the NEA has toned down its rhetoric quite a bit in order to get the measure passed. Instead of recommending that schools undertake a full-bore pro-gay campaign, it will just encourage teachers in states in which domestic partnerships are legal to spread the pro-gay propaganda. That's still bad, but at least it's better than advocating that it be force-fed even in states in which strong majorities of voters -- presumably most of them parents and grandparents -- have passed marriage protection laws.

Comes now the California Assembly, which has delayed a vote on a similar law that would push pro-homosexual curriculum in schools, when thousands of voters contacted legislators in alarm, expressing their opposition to such a thing.

Reportedly, the outcry evaporated votes for SB 1437, which would prohibit schools in the Golden State from "reflecting adversely" on homosexuality, transsexuality and bisexuality. The Assembly postponted a vote until at least Aug. 8. In the meantime, Californians are encouraged to contact their representatives and ask them not to support the bill.

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