Monday, July 31, 2006


Sometimes you wonder why gay activists are so rabid and zealous about getting a pro-gay curriculum entrenched in public schools, down to the preschool level, when it's obvious that most parents, taxpayers and teachers don't want children exposed to that stuff.

The obvious answer is self-interest: the gay activists want to increase the "source of supply" for homosexual activity. The more pro-gay stuff we allow into schools, the more we put young people at risk. Is that cynical? Maybe not. Parents and taxpayers in Nebraska should take a clue from something that erupted in Massachusetts over the weekend:

According to the Massachusetts-based anti-gay rights website www.MassResistance.org, "the most visible male homosexual lobbyist in the Massachusetts State House was recently arrested for soliciting oral sex from college students at the University of Massachusetts, according to newspaper reports."

MassResistance continues: "William Conley works for the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus and has been the point man for coordinating legislative support for funding homosexual programs (including the new 'Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth') in the public schools, as well as same-sex 'marriage,' repeal of the sodomy laws, and other homosexual-related legislation.

"Conley has been a member of the 'Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth,' and has now become a member of the new, super-charged, independent 'Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth' just created by the Legislature. This new Commission has expanded powers to push homosexual programs in the public schools without normal governmental oversight. Also, Conley was instrumental in organizing legislative strong-arming to override the Governor's veto of that new Commission after the veto had been initially sustained.

"Conley has spent years at the State House coordinating support and funding for homosexual programs aimed at youth. At the same time, the Governor's Commission, of which he has been a member, has used that money for pushing homosexuality, cross-dressing, and other behaviors in schools across the Commonwealth."

The Boston Herald had a story about it on Saturday:


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