Monday, August 21, 2006


There's a lot of concern in Nebraska about foster children slipping through the cracks in various ways. They're exposed a lot more than the general population of children to abuse, neglect and, horribly, murder. It's easy to marshal support for programs that will help itty bitty babies in foster care programs. But when they get a little older -- into the teen years, for instance -- it often seems as if the public doesn't care.

I say they do. And one way we could really prove that is to bust a hole in the solid wall of nasty defense against school choice that has been erected by the state teachers' union and selfish educrats, and enact a law that would allow Nebraska's foster children to go to the school of their choice, even if it's a private school.

Private schools have what foster kids need: good academics, clear teaching of values, more personal attention, and a better chance to participate in extracurricular activities since private schools are generally smaller than public schools.

Meeting kids' needs: what a concept! Especially when they're our most vulnerable citizens.

Arizona just did this. It's time we ponied up.

Here's an interesting story about how much school choice might have helped a woman who lived her childhood in foster care:


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