Thursday, August 17, 2006


Work with me here. This takes some thinkin'. You know the fellow they've just arrested in that hotbed of pedophilia, Thailand, who claims he murdered JonBenet Ramsey after having had sex with the 6-year-old girl? You know how he's a teacher?

He's the kind of guy the National Education Association wants to be hired more often in schools, and protected and enabled once they get there.

The case is a good example for why our society needs to stand up big and tall, and protect our public, private and homeschools against the infiltration of the sex perverts who would seek to teach children that having sex with grown-ups, or sex with same-sex partners, or sex with someone who is not your husband or wife, is just A-OK hunky-dory.

Specifically, the JonBenet case is Exhibit A for why we ought never to allow pro-homosexual curriculum or pro-homosexual "tolerance" and "diversity" training in our statewide standards, accreditation requirements, tax-paid training inservices and workshops, curriculum guides, teaching contracts, discipline codes, etc. To the extent that they're already in there, thanks to the union and the gay activists, we have a lot of work to do to root them out.

What on earth does the JonBenet Ramsey case have to do with pro-[gay curriculum in K-12 education? Plenty.

If it's true that this guy really did have sex with JonBenet and cause her brutal death, it fits with what we already know about pedophiles: they tend to put themselves close to the source of supply for their thrills. That means kids -- their potential victim pool. That's why we keep finding pedophiles among teachers, schoolbus drivers, priests, youth workers, and others who have more opportunity than most to take advantage of vulnerable young children.

I'm not trying to smear youth-serving occupations; I'm actually trying to protect the vast majority of the people who work in them, because they have high moral standards and would never hurt children. Ironically, by letting the teachers' unions dictate that there HAVE to be pro-homosexual student clubs in schools, and pro-gay curriculum and instruction, and special days for homosexuals in schools, and pro-gay assemblies, and pro-gay guest speakers, and same-sex dances, and all the rest, we are setting up kids to be just like JonBenet Ramsey.

Meaning brutalized, assaulted, damaged and dead.

And I have really, truly, had it with the people who are doing this. That includes every legislator, school board member and school administrator who keeps looking the other way and letting their pockets be lined with blood money from gay activists, as the funding and the power keeps growing for the pro-homosexual lobby in education.

Here's the deal:

While JonBenet's perp is of the opposite sex, we know that a much higher percentage of pedophiles go for same-sex victims than opposite-sex victims. And we know that a much higher percentage of pedophiles are male, rather than female. And we know that a much higher percentage of male homosexual pedophiles act out against children than any other group.

That puts male teachers and male school staff members of all kinds in a whole new light, doesn't it?

You look at what the National Education Association did in its 2006 convention in Orlando, and you just shudder. The union's Resolution B-8 states that "sexual orientation" rates right up there with "race," "geographic location," "age," "marital status" and other features about people that need to be "appreciated" and "accepted" by everybody in education.

Did you catch that? Not just "tolerated." But now, "appreciated" and "accepted."

Now note Resolution B-10: the NEA wants people with all kinds of "sexual orientations" to be respected, understood and accepted by everybody else . . . or else. The resolution calls for textbooks, curricula, activities and everything else that has anything with do with education to be purged of anything that even hints that homosexuality and pedophilia are not A-OK. Then there's and corker for what we need to do in schools of all kinds:

"Offer positive and diverse role models in our society including the recruitment, hiring, and promotion of diverse education employees in our public schools."

"Diverse," the NEA resoltuion clarifies earlier, includes "sexual orientation" and "gender identification."

O . . . K. So even though we KNOW there are more gays, pedophiles, cross-dressers and the like are working in education than practically any other field, and we KNOW more gays than straights are pedophiles, and we KNOW more pedophiles hurt children -- sometimes kill them, but always damage them for life -- than just about any other outsider, putting children at much higher risk than from strangers, for example, then if we listen to the NEA and the do-nothings in charge of state education departments and state standards and so forth, and continue to make it seem perfectly A-OK to accept and appreciate sex perverts in education, we are setting up our children to become victims of sex perverts in the name of "appreciating and accepting diversity."

Now, you have your child in a private school, or you homeschool. What does this have to do with you? This is the kind of thing that caused you to give up on public schools a long time ago, so that your child wouldn't be in the line of fire. Right?

Think again. The Governator of California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger, is expected to sign SB 1437, a pro-homosexual curriculum law that would force private schools that want the state's seal of approval through accreditation and so forth to teach kids that homosexuality is A-OK.

Similarly, the state university system of California is fighting in court to force Christian high schools to stop teaching kids about history from a Christian perspective. The university is attempting to force Christian schools to teach a pro-gay curriculum and otherwise cleave to the statewide standards, or else the graduates of those high schools -- never mind their "5's" on the Advanced Placement History test or SAT scores above 1,500 -- would not get in to California universities because Christian course work would be labeled as second class compared to secular course work.

That kind of bigotry is already entrenched in state standards across the country. Exhibit A: pro-evolution propaganda, and censorship of anti-evolution evidence, in state standards including Nebraska's.

So no doubt the pro-gay propaganda is almost in place here, too.

See why it's such a bad mistake to sit back and let the NE, state governments, higher education and the gay lobby all conspire to set up more JonBenets -- and fewer Americans smart enough to understand why it's wrong to sit back and let all this happen?

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