Monday, August 07, 2006


Last week, two candidates won election to the State Board of Education in Kansas who are opposed to teaching both sides of the evolution controversy. They knocked off two more conservative candidates, who were for teaching kids why there is a controversy in the first place.

You know: they wanted kids to learn math and statistical concepts from intelligent design such as "irreducible complexity." That's a theory, backed up by plenty of hard science and math, that things interact and work so amazingly well in critters from humans down to microbes that it can't all have arisen by random chance, but had to be designed. It refutes the theory of evolution very well. But now, most likely, it'll be expunged from Kansas classrooms. And that's a shame.

The two candidates who lost were up against a concerted effort by the mainstream media in and out and Kansas, and Kansas Citizens for Science, a nasty special-interest group. They spent beaucoup bucks in a smear campaign aimed at discrediting the two as being "intellectually challenged" and religiously-motivated. Ironically, the science standards they backed were actually more scientific, since they left room for debate over such an important matter as the origin and development of life. And they were written by people who hold doctoral degrees in the life sciences.

What's a parent to do in Kansas, or in Nebraska and the other states in which this censorship has taken place? Undertake a "do it yourself" campaign: if they won't teach Junior the truth about science in school, you'll have to get books and visit websites and do it yourself.

Get started at www.discovery.org

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