Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Here's a neat development out of Nevada: the Davidson Academy, a public secondary school for the profoundly gifted. See:


Philanthropists are supplementing the funding of a new public school that will be housed within a snazzy new math and science building on the campus of the University of Nevada-Reno. If you are a gifted student, and a Nevada resident, you can attend this special secondary school and get all kinds of advantages, including the ability to take college courses and have tutors able to address your advanced learning needs.

In these days in which so much of schooling is dumbed down because of No Child Left Behind, and its well-intentioned, but destructive, focus on the bottom third of learners, gifted kids are too often back-burnered and neglected by public schools.

This development could sure be replicated by forward-thinking universities. A program like this at UNO, UNL and UNK could serve as a very nice economic development tool, since big-shot CEO's and scientists are likely to have smarty-pants kids who'd flourish in such a setting.

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