Friday, November 07, 2008

If This Happened in a Nebraska Classroom,
Would This Teacher Be Fired?

An episode of a pro-Obama teacher emotionally abusing students in her North Carolina classroom who were supporting John McCain was captured on film by a Swedish TV documentary team, and posted online.

The teacher called the Iraq war "senseless," and told a girl whose father was in military service over there that McCain would keep American troops in place for 100 more years, so her father would have to be there for 100 more years.

The media's Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin, among others, have posted the video or a transcript on their websites. Both expressed shock.

You can see it here:
We all believe that teachers should have academic freedom. A key reason is so that they can lead good discussions of current events, including politically-sensitive ones. But surely we can all also agree that it is a basic principle of teaching that you never, ever, ridicule or bully a student of any age, or put excessive political “spin” on anything.

So watch the video, and then answer this: if this happened in a Nebraska classroom, would the principal fire that teacher?

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I doubt if even this egregiously biased, profane and psychologically abusive teacher would be fired in Nebraska because of the power of the teachers unions. She might get a reprimand at worst.Unions are good but often they get too powerful and protect people that shouldn't be protected, such as this teacher, or just lazy people.
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