Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nebraska's Big Brain Drain:
Talk Talkey to the Young'Uns About It Over the Holidays

Here's a well-researched story from the Platte Institute for Economic Research on the fact that Nebraska ranks 10th in the nation in a negative category: the percentage of young, single, college-educated people who move away from the state.

Usually, it's job-related, but the impact is massive in areas such as law and engineering, where about half of the graduates take their well-educated brains and move away. About one-third are moving to bordering states, including Colorado.

The implications for Nebraska colleges and universities are vast, since it is their mission to use Nebraska tax dollars to develop future Nebraska leadership in business, the arts, academia and the professions.

The implications for Nebraska businesses are serious, since our future workforce is crucial to our future, period. And the implications for K-12 education are vast, since if our smartest graduates are moving away, how can our future teachers and students be the best that they can be?

As the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays approach, and families gather, the brain drain ought to be discussed among grandparents, parents and students interested in keeping the future as bright as possible in the Cornhusker State.

Kudos to the Nebraska-based think tank, the Platte Institute, for bringing this issue front and center:


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I believe that the biggest reason for the brain drain in Nebraska is the non-competitive tax burden, ninth in the nation according to the Tax Foundation, quoted in CNN-Money online. Educated people know about taxes.
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