Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kudos to Papillion-LaVista Principal
For Letting Her Hair Down

Portal Elementary School principal Kathy Szczepaniak (my longtime friend!) followed through on a promise that left her with her hair dyed pink and green.

She challenged her Papillion-LaVista area pupils to collect at least 4,300 pounds of canned food for the hungry, and if they made the goal -- they beat it by nearly 300 pounds -- she would let them dye her hair at an all-school assembly.

It's a good lesson in goal-setting and motivation . . . and how "hair-raising" it can be to be a principal these days!

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I can't even dream of our nun teachers doing anything like this. Once my nun music teacher took off that big white "bib" they wore then. I was so shocked I couldn't hardly play the piano. But we were taught to be charitable by saving coins in a box during lent, and the grades competed on this. The winners got candy bars and double recess time for a couple of days.Lots of ways to skin a cat.
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