Saturday, January 17, 2009

Music Teacher's Dedication Challenges Nebraskans
To Do Something Nice for Native American Kids

It is so encouraging to hear about the generosity that is being showered on John Mangan. He's a music teacher at the Omaha Nation School on the tribe's reservation in Macy, Neb.

After a World-Herald story appeared late last fall, he has received donations of money -- as much as $1,400 from an Elkhorn-area couple, and instruments -- a flute, a clarinet, an alto sax, even a tuba -- from Nebraskans who just wanted to help Mangan out as he continues to use music, the universal language, to help the disadvantaged students create the songs of their life.

Want in? Contact John Mangan at the school, (402) 837-5622, or jmangan@esu1.org

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Being a music teacher seems to require a pure masochist, or a deaf person. So triple kudos to this dedicated teacher.
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