Sunday, October 11, 2009


Still sad about the Omaha Public Schools board voting in the International Baccalaureate program for Central High School and Lewis and Clark Middle School.

Here are dozens of articles explaining the roots in the United Nations of IB, and how it is part and parcel of the movement to internationalize school curricula. So much for local control! So much for the locally-elected school boards having any say-so whatsoever. In the process, any hope of teaching the next generations the facts about American exceptionism would be crushed. It is alarming and distressing that the board of the largest school district in the state doesn't understand this.

Here's hoping OPS school board members will educate themselves, revisit the IB vote, and reverse themselves:


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The IBO program was rushed through in Omaha without adequate time for opponents to bring in experts on the subject. I believe this was done deliberately so that Omaha Public Schools would not be embarrassed by any criticism of the IBO course.Also, Suzie Buffet, who is funding this very expensive course for three years, might have been really mad at OPS for even allowing any critics to speak.

Suzie Buffet while she is a generous person,is also a well-known leftist, one-worlder, pro-abortion type, aligned with the left-wing Richard Holland Foundation of Omaha.These people contribute to many good charities but they also push their, at times, quite extreme liberal ideas.(Eg: Holland's foundation brings exclusivly leftist speakers to Omaha, including Peter Singer, an outspoken advocate of infanticide and euthanasia, and James Galbraith, a socialist, fiercely anti-capitalist economist.)

So, Buffet was just advancing her own political and social agenda by funding the IBO indoctrination course.The Omaha School Board, which has perfected the art of Groupthink, voted unanimously, as usual, for the IB course, partly so as not to offend Susie Buffet. Most of the board members are in total agreement with the ideological biases of the IBO anyway, and the few more conservative members didn't want to hear the truth, apparently. That's how Groupthink works.
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