Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Those who are sick about the anti-American "social justice" curriculum that is on its way to Omaha's Nathan Hale Middle School should take heart: there are, indeed, people in the metro area who know what appropriate "social justice" instruction is for kids.

Maybe those with a grasp of the right kind of "social justice" training should have a talk with the Omaha Public Schools people who are now planning the "social justice" theme at the school, well aware that around the country, "social justice" schools tend to devolve into Marxism, multiculturalism, racism and all kinds of other "isms" instead of making their students highly literate, numerate and able to take the reins of citizenship.

The good "social justice" course is offered by the Bellevue University Center for American Vision and Values, in partnership with the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy and the Heritage Foundation. The seven-week, dual enrollment (high school students earning college credit), online course is called "Re-Visioning Social Justice: American Civil Society and the World's Poor."

The course examines the history of poverty in the United States, and the pro's and con's of various private-sector and public-sector attempts to assist the nation's poor.

As the climax of the course, students design their own anti-poverty initiative and argue for its likely effectiveness.

For more about the Bellevue University Center for American Vision & Values, see:


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The Bellevue University course appears to be in the mainstream of American civics education.One would need to examine the texts, syllabi, reading lists. etc. to get a better idea, of course. But there are no red flags I can see.

However, the Social Justice magnet at Nathan Hale raises many questions; ie, the Marxist and communist gurus for the social justice courses, as commonly understood, as a perusal of GOOGLE on the subject will make clear.

OPS has not yet been forthcoming with the public about what exactly is in this magnet that raises so many red flags. They should place all texts, syllabi and required reading lists for their version of social justice courses in several public libraries in Omaha, so the public could examine them, in house.The blurbs put out by OPS, full of generalities and euphemisms only serve to deepen the suspicions that many have about this magnet.
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