Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Whoopsie Daisy! Is K-2 Really the Answer?

Boy, is my face red. I've been going around for years, promoting K-2 as the answer to our education woes. 'Course, I mean that we need to have systematic, intensive, explicit phonics instruction on the front burner for our kindergarten through second-grade classrooms.

Comes now State Sen. Beau McCoy of west Omaha, who is sponsoring a bill next session that would make the sale or possession of a new drug, K2, illegal. K2 is synthetic marijuana, and it can give you rapid heart rate, agitation, panic attacks, paranoia and hallucinations.

We already have enough of THAT in our schools -- particularly when people get their school tax bills!

K2 is sold as "herbal incense" and goes by brand names such as Spice, Black Magic, Blue Summit, Blueberry and SuperNova.

Thanks, Sen. McCoy, for alerting parents to this latest threat to our kids . . . and giving me a heads up to make sure I make it clear, when I promote "K-2," that I'm talking about PHONICS for the itty bitty kiddies!!!

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The people that are selling K-2, a gateway drug, to kids are bottom feeders in the profession of marketing. I hope their names will be made public when hearings are held on outlawing K-2. Shame is a good thing sometimes.
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